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Sadism Definition:
Enjoyment of cruelty: a taste for the suffering or psychological distress of another person[2].

BCI Definition:
BCI is an acronym for Brain-Computer Interface. End game BCI can produce any mental state using the mind as the canvas. The potency of BCI technology provides for a plethora of weaponization uses. In addition to the modern day weaponization of BCI, there is a secret shadow government cybernetic network with intelligence agencies, military sources, around the world within it's structure/pyramid.
Black Project Technology Suite
* Artificial Intelligence (A component of BCI)
* Electronic Telepathy Technology (A component of BCI)
* Neuroscience Based Virtual Reality (A component of BCI)
* Augmented Reality Technology
* Neurobody Technologies - Exotic Neuroscience (BCI)
* Electromagnetic Surveillance (brain wave frequency monitoring, Ai reconstructed body scanning, etc)
* Radio Frequency Implants (Can be done remotely, however the BCI sadist method of choice is RF implant)
* Satellites & Various Microwave Transmitters
Dimension of the Mind™
A technique this author has coined as the Dimension of the Mind, a technologically inducible plane within one's own mind. This plane can be streamlined with anything, for example directly interfacing a target's mind while watching them within the mind's plane.
Artificial Intelligence
Black project artificial intelligence is the operator of BCI sadism, connecting the mind of the target to the perpetrator, connecting surveillance to the electronic telepathy brain-computer interfacing of the perpetrator.
Augmented Reality
End game augmented reality (AR) technology is meant to enhance the experience of an individual through Ai streamlined exotic radio frequency neuroscience. Full sensory enhancing is possible, open source senses (hearing, visuals, taste, smell & body sensation).
Neurobody Sadism
The BCI sadist uses exotic neuroscience technology to induce emotions, concepts and visuals to internal body feedback. After conceptually reverse engineering neurobody technologies, I have concluded that they involve the body sensation area of the brain with signals that would otherwise not be there. This creates an ability to imbue the body with the sense feedback of mental variables, BCI sadism takes this a step further with surveillance coordinated neurobody experiences designed to be synergistic with witnessing the pain and suffering of an individual.
Electromagnetic Surveillance
Both physical environments and the contents of the mind[3] are revealed with end game electromagnetic surveillance. Electromagnetic frequency surveillance similar to what you see in neural monitoring can also be applied to computers and electronics[4].
BCI Sadist Interface
BCI sadism is the shadow government sadist & pervert's wildest dreams come true. The brain-computer interface when connected to comprehensive electromagnetic and artificial intelligence based surveillance is capable of deeply interfacing reality. The BCI sadist designs what the targeted individual experiences. The BCI sadist also has access to the real body of their prey, and can double as a [ BCI Incubus].

The pedo-sadists who comprise the shadow government utilize advanced technologies for their own perverted ends, this includes sadist perversions related to directed energy weapon assaults on innocent civilians and BCI experiences based on the electromagnetic scans of genitalia of men, women, and children.
The BCI sadist is given options of what can happen to someone by an artificial intelligence operator, this offers the standard control freak a modicum of self gratification.
Neuroscience based virtual reality streaming of surveillance within the dimension of the mind is possible. The BCI sadist's experience is augmented by inducing synthetic states of mind & sensory feedback in conjunction to the torture of an individual. The targeted individual's suffering can be designed with synthetic signals in the brain while illusions can be present to offer the BCI sadist a sick minded pleasure. Via the Ai operator the BCI sadist streamlines surveillance of the suffering of the target directly through neural monitoring and electromagnetic environmental scanning, while augmenting the perpetrators experience with the full suite of black project BCI technologies.
The BCI Sadist
The early 21st century BCI sadist is a member of or affiliated with a global black ops crime syndicate. The conspirator network includes: intelligence agencies, militaries & the Pentagon, governments, corrupted corporations, the U.S. military industrial complex, the Vatican, and various assorted ruling class secret societies.
For the BCI sadist the tortures inflicted are given electronic telepathy conceptual signatures, and the senses of the perpetrator are augmented via augmented reality technologies.
The BCI sadist could be likened to being the epitome of scum in the universe, preying on the innocent and defenseless with technologies so powerful they can convince people they are God.
== References ==
[1]: The author Omnisense has been a victim of BCI sadism, this article is based on first hand experience of the author.
[2]: Omnisense's definition of sadism adapted with [ Google's Definition of Sadism]
[3]: [] ... "we have discovered that just before a person says a particular word, the brain emits waves peculiar to that word alone. ...These waves are the same from person to person." -- E. Science Digest 7-84 page 30 quoting Thomas Jensen of Chicago’s Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center, and Donald York
[4]: [ John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA Civil Trial - (]
[5]: Original article authored & published on, article is slightly modified

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